Strictly Smokin' Big Band

Hoochie Coochie

Newcatsle Upon Tyne



How much does it cost?

Please provide us with as much information as possible so that we can provide you with a quick and accurate quote. Fees are dependent on date, location and the times the band will be required.


How long do you play for?

This varies between the different groups. The Soul Band will usually play 2x 45min sets. The Little Big Band and full Big Band are more flexible as we have over 300 pieces of music to hand. This means we can discuss your individual requirements and tailor our sets to your event.


What is the difference between the line ups?

We are very flexible when it comes to extras, so if you have any special requests let us know and we can very easily alter & increase the band line up accordingly. Generally speaking, our line ups are below. Please be aware that these may alter slightly in case of emergency or sickness but our line ups will alwaysreflect the high standard of the band, no matter what!


8 Piece Soul Band – Female Vocals, guitar, bass, keys, drums, TRUMPET, TENOR SAX & TROMBONE

12 Piece Big Band – Female & Male Vocals, 3x SAXOPHONES, 2x TRUMPETS,

2x TROMBONES, bass, keys, drums.

19 Piece Big Band – Female & Male Vocals, 5x SAXOPHONES, 4x TRUMPETS,

4x TROMBONES, guitar, bass, keys, drums.


Can we come and see you live?

We play public live gigs as much as possible. The group with the most public dates is uaualy our full 19 piece big band - even if you are booking another of our ensembles, you'd be more than welcome to come and hear the full group to get a feel for the quality of our music. See our diary page for upcoming public dates.


Do you provide PA and Lighting?

Generally yes! But it can depend on the event we are playing. We almost always provide PA and lighting for functions such as weddings and parties, but for concerts and bar venues we may ask what you can help us with.


Can we request a first dance?

We are more than happy to play your first dance live. Depending on the music you require and the group you are booking, there might be a small charge to acquire or transcribe the music specially for you.


Can we have a DJ?

YES! Don't bother booking a second company for your DJ. Our drummer (Guy Swinton) is one of the best around! We already have our PA set up and Guy is already there... there will be a charge for his services, but our price has always been lower then an external company. Just ask and this can be included in your quote.


How long does the band take to set up?

Ideally the band will need 90 minutes to set up and thoroughly sound check to ensure the best possible performance. We understand that timings can run tight on the day so, if needed, we can minimize set up if all runs smoothly. Please ensure that when planning your event, you allow enough time for this, as a decent set up is vital to the band providing you with the best entertainment possible. It’s in both our interests to work as quickly as we can so please don’t rush us! We’ll already be working as fast as we possibly can. Rushed sound checks can mean poor sound, feedback and overlooked issues later on which can ruin the performance all together. When we’ve got first dances to think about especially, it’s paramount that we get this right for you!


Do we need to provide food and drink for the band?

Yes please! We don’t expect a three course meal, but please consider the journey time we have taken to get to you, and the fact that once we arrive at the venue it’s all systems go with set up, sound check and performances without a minute to spare. We work long days and late nights at venues where ‘fast food’ (especially the nutritious kind!) isn’t an option, so we do appreciate some sort of refreshment somewhere along the way. None of us are divas and we won’t ever provide you with a rider, but it really is true that a happy and well looked after band will always result in the best performances!


Do we really need to sign a contract?

This is for both of our benefits. It ensures that we turn up to your event and do what we said we would, and it also gives us the security we need. This is our living and ultimately we need to collect our fee. The contract we use is a Standard Live Engagement Contract from The Musicians Union. (MU/L1)


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